A COVID-19 Quarantine Message from Pops

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Here is a video from Pops while at home in Honolulu as our nation, and the world, tries to cope with COVID-19. Pops wanted to get a positive message out and thought of a song he had written in 2011 for the Japanese Tsunami. He and a number of KoAloha factory guys harmonized and broadcast via J WAVE RADIO this song, YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU TRY, to the people of Japan in that difficult time. The song is in Japanese and English.

So with the above as background material, here comes the crazy idea that came to him. “There seems to be such a close parallel between what happened in 2011 and what’s happening now all over the world. Nations are distressed, people are terrified, this dreaded virus could go on beyond our expectations. With all of this taking place, there has to be something that can bring a ray of hope to the confused and bewildered masses of not only our country but other countries as well. Just like the nation of Japan heard the song and people were compelled to call J Wave headquarters to voice their feelings about the song, wouldn’t it be more than incredible if this encouraging song could help in bringing a ray of Hope to cling on to during this horrific time in this period of human history.”