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Singer, composer, musician and ukulele luthier Alvin Okami founded the KoAloha Ukulele Company in 1995. His soprano, concert, tenor, and six string ukuleles are solder under three names: KoAloha and KoAlana, and UkeSA Hawaii

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The CD entitled All of Me is the CD that I recorded with the ukulele master Gordon Mark at the same time that I was in the process of producing the Beautiful Days CD. It was held in abeyance for all these years until a few years ago. This CD was released to celebrate and commemorate our 50th wedding anniversary. Needless to say, all of the songs are dedicated to my life’s partner and dearest person on earth to me. So if anyone reading this brief introduction cares to listen to love songs from the era of Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Perry Como and a host of other crooners, you are more than welcome to give a listen. Please keep in mind that the orchestration and musical background is accomplished by the one and only one man orchestra, ukulele virtuoso Gordon Mark. With his ukulele alone, I honestly have no need for an orchestra because this gentleman provides the orchestra with his superb accompaniment background. 
Listening to a single track will confirm everything I have just mentioned. Pleasant listening all you romantically inclined.

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Meet Alvin Okami
Singer, Musician, Composer, and Luthier




Alvin Okami of AoAloha Ukulele
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