Beautiful Days

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Singer, composer, musician and ukulele luthier Alvin Okami founded the KoAloha Ukulele Company in 1995. His soprano, concert, tenor, and six string ukuleles are solder under three names: KoAloha and KoAlana, and UkeSA Hawaii

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Beautiful Days is a collection of original songs that I have written over the years. One song stands out as the favorite for my wife and I because of one reason. Our three grandsons are singing like angels but if I may, I would like to share the story that makes their participation especially dear and precious. This particular song requires the voices
of children singing background at the beginning portion of the song and singing solo lines that makes their voices stand out so beautifully lyrically and melodically. Instead of searching for professional children singers, the desire of my heart was to have our three grandsons do the vocalizing because I wanted them to be able to reflect years later, the time they sang with their grandpa on the song. So with this thought in mind, one day I approached the three of them and asked if they would like to help grandpa by singing the children’s parts of the song. I was eagerly expecting a “Yes” grandpa from the three of them and the conversation went like this: Hey boys! Grandpa wrote a song that needs children’s voices so would you like to help out and learn the song? The three of them looked up and simultaneously said “NO!” I was heartbroken and speechless.
As I stood in front of them, the thought entered my mind to call their dear Grandma. “Trish, you have to help me. The three of them flatly refused to sing so can you talk to them and see if you can help to change their minds? “ She called the three boys and they came running to their grandma. “Yes, Grandma!”  She began, “Boys, you know that Grandpa has written a song and really wants the three of you to sing with hm. Grandpa  said that all of you said no but can you do it for Grandma?” The three of them stood fidgeting and looked up at her and said “Okay, Grandma”. When she told me what happened, I was on cloud nine and I knew they would sing so beautifully. Turns out that whenever I get the request to sing the song for tour groups that visit the shop, I love to share this story before singing it and when the audience hears their voices singing so beautifully, the song touches their hearts. I can’t leave this story without 
mentioning that I would rather hear their voices singing than listening to my voice. And by the way, the name of the song is America’s Song if you might be interested in confirming everything I have just related. Incidentally, this song has been performed for over four years and counting by a group called Harmony under the parent organization called Mainstage Center for the Arts headed and founded by Ed Fiscella and based in New Jersey.

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Meet Alvin Okami
Singer, Musician, Composer, and Luthier




Alvin Okami of AoAloha Ukulele
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