UkeSA Masterpiece Solid Koa Tenor Pineapple Sunday Ukulele

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New Pineapple Sunday Prototype

Itemized list of the improvements:
1. Elimination of white fret dots in favor of extending the fret bands on both sides.
2. Frets are extended all the way to the outer edges of the fretboard allowing for pulling the string outward to create a beautiful vibrato.
3.The ends of each fret has been patiently and meticulously filed to take the shape of tiny silver balls that sliding fingers will find to be a great delight.
4. Fret tangs are not visible but hidden and gives the impression of classiness.

Koa Pineapple Sunday. This is an Alvin “Pops” Okami UkeSA (Pops Koaloha’s new brand) version, made by Pops, himself, in Hawaii. This ukulele is NOT the imported Opio from Thailand. This is an original Pops Koa Pineapple Sunday , ebony fretboard and saddle, made to his exacting standards under the banner of his new brand, UkeSA. This one of kind  UkeSA Hawaiian Koa PIneapple Sunday version is truly a custom ukulele that Pops put a lot of thought and extra features into.

There are a few minor differences between the familiar KoAloha version and the  UkeSA Hawaiian Koa PIneapple Sunday version. They are as follows:

       1. The headstock on the UkeSA Hawaiian Koa PIneapple Sunday version has a triple laminate of sapele, ebony center and crazy maple with  “PS” script (Pops Specialty/Pineapple Sunday) inlaid in ebony.


            The headstock of a KoAloha version has the five-pointed crown at the top instead of the jagged leaves. The logo centered on the headstock is the standard KoAloha paua abalone shell.
        2, The face on this UkeSA Hawaiian Koa version has no debossing grid lines at all. The primary reason being that the face is adorned with a beautiful crazy curly koa pattern that should not be distracted by debossed lines across its surface.


            The face of this KoAloha version has an abbreviated debossed appearance to mimic a pineapple.
         3. The back of this UkeSA Hawaiian Koa PIneapple Sunday  version has a mirror crazy curl pattern that is stunningly identical to the front face crazy curl pattern.  The KoAloha version has a beautiful back but no replication pattern like the UkeSA Hawaiian Koa version’s back.


         4. The sides of the  UkeSA Hawaiian Koa PIneapple Sunday version has curly koa running horizontally throughout the piece. There is also an ebony band separating the leaf area from the body. The sides of a KoAloha version has smooth grain running throughout with a zebra wood strip to differentiate the leaf section from the body section.

This ukulele comes fully warranted with a lifetime “better than the Weather” Warranty. This ukulele ships directly from the factory in Honolulu.

We are taking orders only for Pineapple Sundays. You can choose the woods, tuners, and ornamentation. Your order will be specifically for you!


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