Masterpiece Mini Sceptre


25 years ago, Pops started making mini-ukulele as a novelty, but Pops being Pops was not content with just a novelty– Pops insured that it was tunable and he even played and recorded HILO MARCH with the first mini. The success of the Pops’ mini was the start of KoAloha Ukulele. In this 25th Anniversary Year of KoAloha, Pops is making 25th Anniversary Commemorative Mini’s available in a display case, through UkeSA Hawaii. Here is what Pops says about the Mini:

The mini Sceptre is handcrafted out of genuine Hawaiian Koa hardwood. The face is meticulously book matched with beautiful and elegantly rich grain texture. The fretboard is also adorned with Koa wood and the Frets are inlaid brass rods. (The 25th anniversary version is equipped with an Ebony fretboard and exudes the look of sheer elegance.) The bridge on the standard version is Koa and the 25th version is Ebony. The pegs are individually equipped with a miniature tension spring that allows for each peg to be tightened or loosened without slippage.



Musically, the spacing between each fret has been measured utilizing a digital caliper to insure relatively accurate pitch and intonation. The body resonates extremely well and mirrors it’s life size counterpart. The clear polycarbonate strings are also exactly the same quality strings that are mounted on its life size version.

Truly, this miniature Sceptre is a collector’s item that will amaze all who looks upon and examines it up close. The fine exquisite detail is matched only by the incredible fact that this miniature is an authentic playable and tunable ukulele. Every purchase will come with a complimentary CD of Pops playing the chorus section of Hawaii’s famous march piece called Hilo March on the first mini he handcrafted in the year 1994, a year before he and his beloved founded KoAloha Ukulele.

If you are interested in owning this Sceptre Mini Masterpiece or any of Pops’ Upcoming Masterpieces (Pineapple Sunday and Jukalele).


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