The Figure 8 Mini 25th Anniversary KoAloha Ukulele by Alvin “Pops KoAloha” Okami


Pops has created a brand new mini ukulele in celebration of his 25th Anniversary with KoAloha Ukulele.

Figure 8 Mini 25th Anniversary KoAloha Ukulele

KoAloha Ukulele is celebrating a milestone accomplishment of being in the business of handcrafting ukulele of exceptional quality for twenty-five years. In celebration of this, a gala event was planned this summer at the factory location. Everything was proceeding well until January when the Covid-19 nightmare was introduced to the countries of the world. Within a few months, it became obvious that there would be no gala celebration this year and we were all more than disappointed.

This once in a lifetime event was never to be but fortunately, another project was in the works which couldn’t be stopped by this modern-day plague upon humanity. This project was in discussion long before plans for the gala were initiated. More than the gala celebration, the project to make a special 25th-anniversary edition KoAloha is more than a success.

When word was made public, orders from dealers and KoAloha followers worldwide began to pour in. Within a short period of time, this 25th-anniversary edition became a sellout and despite the pandemic, the KoAloha crew is fever busy in a positive sense.

This wonderful news was infectious and Pops decided to make a miniature 25th-anniversary ukulele of his own. Almost every detail mimics the real edition with the exception of the ebony faceplate. The fretboard is ebony along with the bridge and these two features alone make the miniature a bonafide miniature 25th-anniversary edition.

The case for this collectible is a beautifully clear acrylic display case with a Koa wood base and the ukulele suspended in the case leaves the impression that it is floating in air. On the front of the Koa base is a small Koa plaque signifying that the miniature is a work of Pop’s creative craftsmanship. He also designed and built the
acrylic cover and Koa base.



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