Pineapple Sunday with Side Sound Port

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Pops has come up with a beautiful addition to his traditional tenor Koa Pineapple Sunday Design. So as not to have a “gaping hole” of a side sound port, Pops has added a Pineapple motif to this new addition which fits perfectly with the Pineapple Sunday Design. This new addition is outlined with ebony. But not only that- check out the ebony outline of the musubi sound hole. 

This was a custom uke and the buyer really wanted the buyer selected Koa to shine so he asked that there not be the traditional debossed Pineapple grid lines. The 5-point crown ebony bridge ties in nicely with the ebony sound board. Pops created another new design with the hand crafted Tapa Cloth influenced fret bands. 

This was custom built for a specific order but if you see anything that you would like on your uke, just shout out to us for a price. 

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Tenor Pineapple Sunday
– Crown bridge
– Ebony fretboard with marker stripes (Tapa cloth style) and side dot markers
– Mirror image front and back Koa
– GOTOH UTP tuners
– Tenor scale
– Triple laminate “PS” (pops specialty) headstock of sapele, ebony, and crazy Maple with ebony inlay for the “PS”.   
– Way cool pineapple side sound port!

– No debossing

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  1. Rick Higgens

    I wrote up a couple reviews of new Pop’s ukes I gotten and mentioned that he was building me a custom Pineapple Sunday. Pop’s Pineapple Sundays are legendary, and rightfully so. The design is beautiful to behold in every aspect, and my new soprano Sceptre had such a great “voice”, I knew the Pineapple Sunday would also be wonderful. I was so excited to find out Pop’s was building them again! I wanted great Koa, and was given 3 really nice choices to pick from. The Koa turned out so nice once it was cut and bookmatched, that I opted not to do the typical pineapple etching found on many Pineapple Sundays, I wanted the Koa grains to shine! And I should mention that Pop’s uses consecutive slices of wood for the top and back of the body so they are close to mirror images! I also REALLY wanted a side sound port, something I have come to love on several of my other ukuleles. Pop’s had never done one on a Pineapple Sunday and said he had to see if it was structurally possible. When he determined it was, I let him come up with a design, I would have been satisfied if it was just a small round hole. Finally he sent me a photo of the prototype and asked if I liked it. I told him I LOVED it, please do it! What he designed is simply amazing and ties in so nice with the pineapple theme. I also asked for Pop’s new bar fret markers, something really different in the uke (or guitar) world, and he matched them to a bar on the bridge (which is the famous 5 point design that nicely mirrors the headstock). And while talking about the headstock, note the mahogany/ebony/”crazy maple” layers. Classy I think as is his ebony logo PS which I believe stands for Pop’s Specialties, though on mine it means “Pineapple Sunday”! There’s so many small details he did, the mirroring of the end of the fretboard to the sound hole, and the ebony trim on the edge of the sound hole as well as around the sound port. Just small “designer touches” that makes it so beautiful and special.

    I impatiently awaited the arrival of my Pineapple Sunday. I knew the look was going to be amazing but I couldn’t wait to hear it’s voice. When it arrived, I tuned it up and strummed away. Having played my Sceptre I was expecting a similar sound but found it to be a little fuller, maybe because of the rounder body. And it is very clean across every string, and very balanced voice with tons of sustain, a finger pickers dream! The setup on it is great, close without buzzing, so comfortable to play, and I really like the tenor scale neck with lots of finger room. And bonus, with the tenor neck and the smaller body I found it fits nice and snug in many of the concert hardshell cases that have generous overall interior lengths of 25 1/2″+.

    My experience working with Pop’s and his right hand man Ed Fiscella was really great. Pop’s really wants his customers to get a special ukulele, and it shows! And Ed, who manages all the “custom details” was perfect at keeping me in the loop throughout the build process, which also frees Pop’s up to do the building part he enjoys. Even Pop’s wife “Mom’s” added her 2 cents along the way when we discussed design choices. It was just a great overall experience with an amazing “end result”. Thanks to each of you for you parts in my great ukulele!

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