Our All New Blonde Pineapple Sunday

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New from Pops is the Blonde Pineapple Sunday. Taking its hint from the exciting tonal qualities of the WoW Ukulele, this gorgeous uke takes the best of both worlds of the traditional PIneapple Sunday, and the WOWS. These ukes are all custom made and there is room for flexibility in their components. The ukulele pictured here featured a combo of Select Pine and Koa sides, an Engleman Spruce top, an upgraded premium crazy Maple back, Ebony fretboard and crown bridge, and custom tapa cloth themed fretbands. The headstock is a triple laminate of Maple, ebony, and Sapele. The new pineapple-themed side sound port upgrade is a feature only on the PIneapple Sunday. This uke sounds as amazing as it looks. Prices will vary depending on how you customize your uke. These can be built in soprano, concert, or tenor scale. Gotoh tuners add $140 to the overall price (Not available for Tenor scale). Orders are being taken now– send us an email: ed@ukesahawaii.com.

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1 review for Our All New Blonde Pineapple Sunday

  1. Teresa Ledford

    I am the lucky one to own the “Our All New Blonde Pineapple Sunday” that you see on the UKESA Hawaii website! As you can see on the website that it’s a beautiful handmade ukulele by “POPS” – The Father of Koaloha Ukulele”!
    This ukulele plays and sounds wonderfully! The ukulele is SO easy to play and is a JOY to pickup and play! It REALLY plays, and the ukulele feels, as smooth as silk!
    All the beautiful woods and sound port that are on the Blonde Pineapple are magnificent! My Blonde Pineapple is a soprano, because that’s the size that I wanted made and it feels just right in holding and playing!
    If you’re familiar with Koaloha ukuleles and know, or have heard, how easy they are to play and the beautiful sound that they have, all describes “POPS” ukuleles too!
    The Blonde Pineapple is my second ukulele purchase from “POPS”. My first purchase was the “Newly Re-designed WOW” soprano ukulele. It sets next to my chair to play everyday and the first ukulele for company to see (and hear). You can see the review of my WOW on the website. Now, she has a sister that has arrived and they both set next to me chair to play everyday and now company sees BOTH ukuleles (and hears)!
    The quality, sound, easibility of playing, low action, great intonation and beauty are all qualities of “POPS” ukuleles – no matter which one that you decide to purchase!
    I love both my handmade ukuleles by “POPS” and I know, positively, that they’re made with LOVE!!
    Thank you POPS!!!

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