Original Supa Wow Ukulele by Alvin “Pops KoAloha” Okami


Name: Supa Wow
Scale: Standard/soprano
Frets: 12 to the neck
Fretboard: Ebony
Fretband: zebra wood fret bands
Top: Engleman Spruce
Back: Curly Maple
Sides: Select Pine
bottom: Select Pine with ebony stripe and Koa inlay
Headstock: Supa Wow

This is the newly, resurrected WOW- the SUPA WOW!  This time, however, Pops had sufficient time to analyze the initial model and decided to “kick it up, give it a facelift”. He knew that the acoustic end was more than satisfactory so what the Wow was missing was some pizzazz. So with this revelation, the newly designed Supa Wow comes standardly equipped with the following features starting at the top with the headstock:

1, The original Wow’s headstock at the very top was simply a semi-rounded profile with no flair whatsoever. The new version’s entire headstock outline profile is so Wildly Wow that the shape is a conversation and attention getting thing in and of itself. This outline is designed to purposely coincide with the letter “W”. The letters boldly follow with the “O” being hollowed to stand for the shape of a person’s mouth when saying the word “Wow!”

2. The fretboard has been changed from Koa wood to ebony. Ebony fretboards are smoother to the touch and makes sliding up and down the fretboard a breeze. Ebony also gives the appearance of distinction and class. Instead of the standard fret position dots, fret bands are utilized and are much easier seen when trying to identify fret positions. The wood employed for the fret bands may vary according to availability i.e. curly maple, zebra wood, mahogany, etc.

3. The face will consistently be Engelman spruce in order to achieve the overall acoustical dynamics that the original model displayed.

4. The bridge is also adorned in ebony to transmit and contribute further acoustic qualities and refinements.

5. The back will be an assortment of white woods I.e. curly maple, spruce, etc.

6. The sides are select pine and were chosen because of its ability to conduct accurately the vibrations created by the spruce top. At the bottom is an decorative ebony band with a strip of Koa running through.

7. The body outline is a departure from the standard figure eight. Instead of the usual “scooped” cutaway, the newly designed Wow comes with a symmetrical “tapered” upper bout that is sleek, functional and totally integrated smooth flowing lines. This works equally well for right and left handed players.

It is with great pleasure that we would like to officially introduce the redesigned Wow, the Supa Wow with all of its original and distinct features that hopefully will entice any visitor to inquire and make the decision to acquire this remarkable ukulele. We look forward to receiving comments from those who have made that move because we know that their comments will consist of simply one word. “WOW!”




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