Masterpiece Mini Juke-a-Lele


The Masterpiece Mini Juke-a-lele, by Pops, is by far the most ornamented of the existing mini masterpiece collection. The face in particular is heavily adorned in the fashion that a juke box would be decorated. The face is blonde Engelman spruce and the sides along with the back is Koa wood.

This model is available in two versions. The standard version is basically handcrafted out of Koa wood in entirety.

The 25th anniversary version will have the fretboard done in ebony with brass frets and the bridge will also be ebony. The tunable pegs are equipped with tension springs that prevent slippage when raising or lowering the pitch level of each string.

A free CD is included as a thank you gift and insures the purchaser of having proof that the encased miniature is indeed a genuine, authentic miniature masterpiece by Popaloha of UkeSA Hawaii.

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