The Newly Re-designed WOW Ukulele by Pops KoAloha

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Name: Wow
Scale: Standard/soprano
Frets: 12 to the neck
Fretboard: Koa
Fretband: ebony wood fret bands
Top: Engleman Spruce
Back: Select Pine void of unsightly knots
Sides: Select Pine void of unsightly knots
Headstock: Wow with Koa and  Pua abalone inlay
bottom: Select Pine void of unsightly knots
Neck: The neck is shaped from Select Pine
Bridge: Koa with ebony trim which echoes the fretboard
Tuners: friction tuners with orange-colored marble textured buttons
Strings: UkeSA Fluro Carbon

It is with great pleasure that I would like to officially introduce the redesigned Wow with all of its original and distinct features that hopefully will entice any visitor to inquire and make the decision to acquire this remarkable ukulele. The acoustic properties are at the highest level of excellence and quality that is somewhat absent in today’s ukulele market. I look forward to receiving comments from those who have made that move because I know that their comments will consist of simply one word. “WOW!”

Mahalo nui loa,

3 reviews for The Newly Re-designed WOW Ukulele by Pops KoAloha

  1. Teresa Ledford

    I recently ordered the Newly Re-designed WOW and have the ebony fretboard with zebra wood fret bands (a little different than what you see on the website). I knew upfront when ordering that this ukulele would be a great ukulele because of the maker Alvin “Pops” Okami, known as founder of KoAloha ukuleles. I have several KoAloha ukuleles, including my very first Koaloha made July 2002, several of the Koaloha 25th anniversary, a Koaloha Imaikalani 6 string, a Kamaka, and several other brands of ukuleles, so I have ukuleles to compare with Pops WOW.
    The WOW has such EASIBILITY in playing and plays as smooth as silk! Low action and spoils you quickly!
    The WOW has the most beautiful SOUND that you would ever want hear and really hard to believe that three sides of the WOW is pine! But, you would never know it by the sound!
    The WOW is QUALITY made (Pops only makes quality ukuleles) and a PRETTY little ukulele!
    The WOW has such an unbelievable price for such a fine ukulele!
    With all the choices of ukuleles that I have to choose from, my WOW sets next to my chair and is my “go to” ukulele! It’s the first ukulele that’s seen when company comes!
    I feel very blessed by owning such a fine ukulele! I love my little WOW and it’s played everyday! O====}

  2. Eileen

    I purchased a WOW a few months ago and wholeheartedly agree with Teresa. Its pure, dynamic sound and comfortability either stands alongside or often surpasses my high end ukuleles. Pop’s WOW delivers musicians’ wishes.

  3. Rick Higgens

    My WOW came yesterday and all I can say is the name really fits this new little treasure from the hands of Pop’s KoAloha! There’s been a lot of hype about this new design and woods combinations and some really high expectations set. So I waited apprehensively because there’s been a more than a few glowing reviews of ukes I’ve gotten in the past that just didn’t live up to reality. Let me start by saying I own one or more of all the Big K builders, but I own 6 KoAloha’s, so I know what the classic KoAloha sound is. I own a KoAloha pineapple soprano that is my “measuring stick” by which I compare all other sopranos, because of it’s LOUD, big and round voice. So when my WOW arrived the 1st thing I did after tuning it up was to play my pineapple then play the same thing on the WOW and I was floored, all the hype is true! It’s by far louder than my pineapple and nice and clean, but the sustain is what really blew me away, it rings like a bell, just amazing, and all from humble pine wood/spruce top body. And, “BONUS”, what a cool look it has! I love the ebony fret bars and the bottom fretboard 3 point crown that matches the top. Even the inlaid abalone on the headstock with the Koa trim around it screams “look how unique I am”. The build is great as you would expect from the hands of master builder/designer “Pop’s” Alvin Okami, founder of KoAloha Ukulele. I’m also currently collaborating with him on a custom Pineapple Sunday and I just got to say what a jewel of a person he is to work with, a real true, honest, sincere guy who bends over backwards to “keep the customer satisfied”. I throw out my idea and he takes that idea and works it into the design is ways I couldn’t even imagine! Pop’s “right hand man”, Ed Fiscella does all the legwork taking and documenting orders, fine tuning with customers, running the website, communicating with Pop’s. All this allows Pop’s to focus his time “in the shop”. And I gotta say Ed and Pop’s are the perfect combination of customer caring and service. Both are absolutely wonderful to work with. I also have a custom soprano Sceptre in the mail as we speak, so be looking for 2 more reviews in the near future!

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