One of a Pine


One of a kind, One of a Pine.  The basic design of this new Pineapple Sunday is derived from Pops original Pineapple Sunday that was introduced about 15 years ago.  International destinations please inquire.

This original design came with a fully debossed grid that mimicked the natural grid on a real pineapple. It became the most popular design and orders became too much for Pops alone to accommodate so the decision was made to retire production indefinitely.

However, now that Pops is able to just concentrate on his new UkeSA Hawaii brand, he has revised the Pineapple Sunday. The new approach utilizing the same body shape of the original but having an incredibly gifted artist paint the face with artwork is a unique approach to re-introduce the Pineapple Sunday with a totally new look.

This new concept PIneapple Sunday is being showcased individually as Pops and his artist, Moses Cao, collaborate to create masterpieces of art fused with a masterpiece ukulele called Pops, One of A Kind Pineapple Sunday. A befitting phrase that would capture the essence of this collaborative work is “A Masterpiece of Musart“. Each and every uke in this series is ” one of a Kind” built by Pops, himself, and will most definitely be a collector’s item.

Beneath the painted face lies the best tonewood in the world. Namely, Engelman Spruce. The sides are select koa wood. The back is also select koa wood with an emphasis on beautifully figured grain that stands out all by itself.

The fretboard is Ebony with fret markers that replace paua abalone dots. The markers are now called “fret bands”. The fret band wood is zebra wood and adds a tasteful, classy, elegant and original approach to standard pearl/abalone dots found on the majority of ukulele fretboards.

The headstock has been modified from the KoAloha Crown profile to represent the leaves of the pineapple. The KoAloha logo has also been abandoned in favor of a colored miniature pineapple affixed on the center of the headstock.

The tuners are Grover (Black Nickel) Geared tuners.

These “one of Kind Pineapple Sundays” will differ from the Acacia UkeSA models made in Thailand in that each of these are made exclusively by Pops in Hawaii using select Koa.


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This uke is a beauty to look at, as well as play.

The artist is a Vietnamese national who emigrated to the U.S. a number of years ago. Get ready because his story is 100% true and authentic and pretty much unbelievable. This person has been in front of a firing squad over three times and still is alive and well. He suffered under the communist regime only because of what he believed. They thought that he was some kind of instigator that wanted to upset the government and stir up trouble so he was constantly harassed and imprisoned many times. He played a vital role during the era that was known worldwide as the Vietnamese Boat People.

These poor innocent Vietnamese were trying to escape the tyranny by escaping on whatever boats they could escape in and this artist was responsible for saving the lives of more than 435 of his people. He took an abandoned ship and loaded 435 people in the lower cargo area of the ship and stood on the top deck with a makeshift officer’s uniform and approached a check point with a guard standing and waiting for the ship to draw close. The guard shouted to him and asked what was the password. Of course, he had no idea but shouted at the guard telling him that he had the nerve to ask for the password when he should know better. The guard was so frightened that he apologized and let the ship through the checkpoint.

This Vietnamese young man’s father was a preacher and when he had heard what his son had done, he decided to change his Vietnamese first name to Moses Cao because this situation reminded the father of Moses leading his people out of bondage from the land of Egypt. So from this episode, the artist’s name became Moses Cao. He is also jokingly referred to nowadays as Holy Cao (Holy Cow).” – Pops

–International destinations please inquire.


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