New Prototype Soprano Scale Sceptre

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The soprano scale makes this Sceptre Ukulele very rare, indeed, but the reason for it being a prototype is the fret bands. Pops is trying out a new design on the fret bands. It is a Hawaiian Tapa Cloth design. He believes that adding a truly Hawaiian motif to the fret bands would be a welcome addition to his lineup. To Create this, he debossed the fret bands and then used ebony dust to create the tapa cloth design.

The few cosmetic flaws are incidental and in no way affect the tonal qualities. The primary focus of the experiment is to see how the Hawaiian style motif would look as the latest trademark that would identify Pops’ UkeSA Hawaii brand. The original and distinctive Crown shaped headstock has long been established as Pops KoAloha’s ukulele brand so he wants to add the Hawaiian style motif fret bands to become the second distinctive design element
that people would be able to immediately recognize the ukulele as being a product of Pops offshoot ukulele company called UkeSA Hawaii.

・Ebony inlay of the Pop’s Customs logo on the maple headstock
・Special shaped Hawaiian koa  Sceptre body
・Unique Musubi design sound hole
・Soprano Scale ebony fretboard, and ebony bridge
・Hawaiian Tapa Cloth design
 fret markers on the 5th, 7th, 10th, and 12th fret
・Gotoh Planetary geared tuners
・Satin finish
・Ukesa Fluorocarbon strings (High-G)
・Country of Origin: U.S.A. (Hawaii)

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3 reviews for New Prototype Soprano Scale Sceptre

  1. Rick Higgens

    I am the lucky owner of this amazing Sceptre and got it just today! Geez, how cool is it that I just got my WOW uke yesterday and in today’s mail comes my custom Soprano Sceptre. I was fortunate to snag this one right off the UkeSA website even though it was a custom build. To my knowledge there are just 3 Sceptre sopranos ever made, mine being #3, and hopefully with all the good press on them there will be more requested. I have a concert Sceptre from way back when they were 1st created and it’s always been one of my favs, it even came with a pickup in it! When I learned that Pop’s had just started making a soprano size and that there was one for sale on his website, I jumped on it. As I said in my WOW review, even though I have ukes by all the Big K builders, I have far more KoAloha’s than any other. And though I am primarily a tenor player, there are just certain songs that scream to be played on soprano.
    As for this new Sceptre, first the looks are off the charts! The Koa Pop’s selected for this instrument is wonderful. And what I really like about Pop’s customs is he uses the same slab of wood to make the top and the bottom so they are basically mirrors of the same grains. Many builders put the pretty wood on top and the back is plain by comparison. The body of the Sceptre soprano and my concert are pretty much the same size but the shorter scale length puts the bridge a little higher, and the neck is a little shorter onto the body. Not sure why but the sound between my Concert and this new Soprano Sceptre is different. They both have big clean voices but the soprano is a little warmer. While it isn’t quite as loud as my new WOW, it is louder than my KoAloha pineapple soprano that I (used to) use as a measure to compare any new soprano. And I love Pop’s new headstock logo, Takes a sec to see it but it’s a P and an S as in Pop’s Specialities, and the ebony layer under the faceplate builds on the ebony in the logo and the black tuners to create what I think is a killer looking headstock. And in place of the standard fret marker dots, Pop’s has designed a new “Tapa Cloth” bar that is a mix of Koa and Ebony, and on the Ebony fretboard they really pop, and he’s tied that into the crown bridge as well. The fit and finish are what you would expect from a master builder, and considering that this builder is now 78 it is simply amazing! Finding a case to fit was a bit of a challenge, my concert Sceptre fits nicely in a standard tenor case which would work also for the soprano though a little loosely, but I happened to have a concert pineapple case that works great! I’m sure there are some nice padded gig bags that would do the job as well. And I just can’t bring myself to drill for a strap button on the bottom even though I’m definitely a strap guy. As I already mentioned it’s voice is really special, good volume and a very smooth, clean, articulated sound. And you can really dig into your strum and the volume just increases while staying clean. You can get really loud with this uke. And it plays, well like a KoAloha always has, though since it’s brand new, and completely built by Pop’s alone, I feel like the setup is just a little better.

    That’s it for my review, can’t wait for Uke Jam tonight here in Raleigh NC to show off my 2 new friends! And watch for my review of my new custom Pop’s Pineapple Sunday (that will include a first for this model… it’s a secret!) though that’s still off in the future. Rick

  2. Eileen

    My Sceptre was built alongside Rick’s. I am enamored with mine as well. This is the fingerstyle ukulele I have been searching for. Its melodic, warm, sweet sound is hauntingly beautiful. I couldn’t ask for better. It is interesting to find, through Rick’s review, it is also a great strummer. Pop’s Sceptre design is the first clue to its otherworldliness. His craftsmanship and ear marry gorgeous woods and details to create both art and unbelievable sound. This ukulele is a dream.

  3. Vicky

    I picked up my custom Sceptre Soprano yesterday (the day before Thanksgiving) since I live in Honolulu. I own a deluxe Kamaka slotted headstock concert and I honestly think that Pop’s uke sounds better. Working with Ed was a pleasure. I picked out the wood, inlays, side sound hole design, everything. They listened to what I liked, found it and then created a masterpiece. The whole experience was exciting and so wonderful. Thank you Pops, Moms, and Ed.

    • Ed Fiscella

      Mahalo for the kind words, Vicky. It was my pleasure to work with you on this custom uke. I am happy that Pops was able to give his full attention to this and get it for you before the Thanksgiving holiday. It is a beautiful ukulele. Wishing you many years of joyous music.

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