Pineapple Sunday with Engleman Spruce Top

$2,500.00 $1,999.00

Name: Pineapple Sunday
Size: concert size with tenor neck
   a. Number:  20
   b. Scale: Tenor
   c. Composition: Macassar/Gabon Ebony upon availability
Bridge: Ebony ( Macassar/Gabon upon availability)
Face: Engleman Spruce
Back: Select Koa wood book matched
Sides: Select Koa wood 
Neck: Sapele Mahogany
    a. Sapele Mahogany
    b. pictured isKoAloha logo inlaid in Paua abalone, Ebony or other material. Backordered ukes will arrive with UkeSA Hawaii headstock
    c. Tuners are side positioned geared machines
Body features: Original and unique outline shape of a pineapple w/ upper bout representing the protruding leaves of a pineapple. Edges of the Face and Back are corner rounded for smooth ergonomic feel
  This Pineapple Sunday differs from the initial one debuted on the market over 10 years ago or so. The first original version came outfitted with a Koa wood face that was light in color and limited grain features. This was for the sole purpose of being able to highlight
the debossing of a grid to represent the “look” of a real pineapple.
Utilizing Engelman spruce for the face of the model pictured, is perfect because spruce is naturally white and the debossing effect can be made out upon first glance. Spruce is also known for being able to produce many acoustic qualities that are superior to other hardwoods.
The balance of the rest of the features remain basically the same so I am pleased that the few I have handcrafted have become collector’s items. Fortunately, I am still able to produce a few more based on the quantity of requests. 

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